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Customize System Design Descriptions

You can create customized versions of the System Design Description report by using the Report Explorer and, optionally the MATLAB® tools for building graphical user interfaces.

By default, when you open a customized version of the report, the System Design Description dialog box does not open.

Use Report Explorer to Customize Reports

To customize the System Design Description setup file in the Simulink® Report Generator™ using the Report Explorer:

  1. In the System Design Description dialog box, click the Customize Content button to open the Report Explorer.

    The Report Explorer reflects any changes (for example, a different report name) that you made in the System Design Description dialog box.

  2. In the Report Explorer, add or modify components. See Add Report Content with Components and Information Components.

    • Do not remove the sdd_custom_data structure, which is defined as:

      sdd_custom_data = struct('model',bdroot,'rootSystem',gcs);

      You can modify the model argument, which is the model for which you generated the report and the rootSystem argument, which is the system-level in the model at which, and below which, you want to use to generate the report.

    • Do not remove or modify functions that begin with StdRpt, such as %StdRpt.getChecksum

  3. Optionally modify a style sheet (see Layout Style Sheets).

  4. Save the customized report with a name other than SDD_custom.rpt.

Build Dialog Boxes for Custom Report Setup Files

To provide options for your custom report, you can create a dialog box, like the System Design Description dialog box. The dialog box that you create for your custom report can allow others to adapt the report to meet their needs, without their having to use the Report Explorer.