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CTLE Fitter

Fit poles and zeros to CTLE transfer functions

Since R2022a


The CTLE Fitter app fits poles, zeros, and gains to CTLE transfer functions. The app also allows an organized approach to preprocess CTLE data sets information. The app then fits the parameters using the rational (RF Toolbox) function from the RF Toolbox™.

Using the app, you can:

  • Easily fit poles and zeros to frequency domain CTLE transfer functions.

  • Easily input GPZ matrix to the block.

  • Export the script to base workspace.

CTLE Fitter app

Open the CTLE Fitter App

  • MATLAB® command prompt: Enter ctlefitter.

  • SerDes Designer app: Open the CTLE block parameters dialog box and click the Launch CTLE Fitter button.

  • Simulink® model: Open the CTLE block parameters dialog box and click theLaunch CTLE Fitter button.

Programmatic Use

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ctlefitter opens a new session of the CTLE Fitter app.

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Version History

Introduced in R2022a

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