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Download, extract, and open Signal Integrity Toolbox kits



openSignalIntegrityKit(kitName) extracts a kit zip file called kitName into the current folder using the default project name. If the kit zip file does not exist, the function downloads it from the server. The function does not override existing folders.


Once you download, extract, and open a kit, it becomes a project in the relevant app and you can reopen it from the app.

openSignalIntegrityKit(kitName,projectFolder) extracts a kit zip file called kitName into the specified project folder.


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Open the PCIe-5 kit in the Serial Link Designer app using the openSignalIntegrityKit helper function.


PCIe-5 is a serial interface extension to the original PCI specification. Pairs of unidirectional differential transmit and receive paths make up a PCIe link, and up to 16 links are combined to make up a PCIe lane. Each link is 128b/130b encoded and operates at 32.0 Gbps. The specification requires backward compatibility for previous generations of PCIe compatible designs. More information on PCI-Express can be found at

Input Arguments

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Name of the kit zip file. For a complete list of the kit zip files available from Signal Integrity Toolbox™, see Signal Integrity Kits for Industry Standards.

Data Types: char | string

Name of the project folder to extract the kit zip file. If you specify a path for the project folder, the kit zip file is downloaded to the folder containing the project.

Data Types: char | string

Version History

Introduced in R2021b