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Read all signals from datastore

Since R2020a



data = readall(sds) reads all signal data from the datastore sds.


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Specify the path to four signals included with MATLAB®. The signals are recordings of a bird chirp, a gong, a train, and a splat. All signals are sampled at 8192 Hz.

folder = fullfile(matlabroot,'toolbox','matlab','audiovideo', ...
fs = 8192;
sds = signalDatastore(folder,'SampleRate',fs);

Read the data in the first variables of all the files in the datastore and plot the Fourier synchrosqueezed transform of each signal.

data = readall(sds);

for i = 1:length(data)

Input Arguments

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Signal datastore, specified as a signalDatastore object.

Output Arguments

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All signals in the signal datastore, returned as a cell array. Each cell of data contains signals from a file or a member. Use the ReadOutputOrientation property of the datastore to control the orientation of data as either a column array or a row array.


When reading file data, because this function reads all the data in the files at once, you may run out of memory if your dataset is large.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a