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Array of species in compartment object


The Species property is a property of the compartment object and indicates all the species in a compartment object. Species is a read-only array of SimBiology® species objects.

In the model object, Species contains a flat list of all the species that exist within all the compartments in the model. You should always access a species through its compartment rather than the model object. Use the format compartmentName.speciesName, for example, nucleus.DNA. Another example of the syntax is modelObj.Compartments(2).Species(1). The Species property in the model object might not be available in a future version of the software.

Species are entities that take part in reactions. A species object is added to the Species property when a reaction is added to the model object with the method addreaction. A species object can also be added to the Species property with the method addspecies.

If you remove a reaction with the method delete, and a species is no longer being used by any of the remaining reactions, the species object is not removed from the Species property. You have to use the delete method to remove species.

There are reserved characters that cannot be used in species object names. See Name for more information.


Applies toObject: compartment
Data typeArray of species objects
Data valuesSpecies object. Default is [] (empty).