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Number of bits: long long

Bit length of C long long data type for test hardware

Model Configuration Pane: Hardware Implementation


Specify the length in bits of the C long long data type that the test hardware supports.

Selecting a device by using the Device vendor and Device type parameters sets a device-specific value for this parameter.


To enable this parameter, select Support long long.

This parameter is enabled only if you can change its value for the selected hardware. Changing the value of this parameter is supported only for custom targets.


64 (default) | 72 | 80 | 88 | 96 | 104 | 112 | 120 | 128

Specify the number of bits that represent the C long long data type for the test hardware. The value must be an integer multiple of 8 between 64 and 128, inclusive. Different devices have different settings available for this parameter.

The value of this parameter must be greater than or equal to the value of Number of bits: long.


Use the long long data type only if your C compiler supports long long.

Recommended Settings

DebuggingNo impact
TraceabilityNo impact
EfficiencyTarget specific
Safety precaution

No impact when Test hardware is the same as production hardware is selected. If it is not selected, no recommendation.

Programmatic Use

Parameter: TargetBitPerLongLong
Type: integer
Values: 64 | 72 | 80 | 88 | 96 | 104 | 112 | 120 | 128
Default: 64

Version History

Introduced in R2013a