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Create a New Project from an Archived Project

To create a new project from an archived project:

  1. Locate and double-click the mlproj file in the Current Folder, Windows® Explorer, or Apple Finder.

    If you do not have a product that the project requires, you see a warning with a link to the Add-On Explorer to get missing products.

  2. In the Extract Project to dialog box, specify the location of the new project and click Select Folder.

    The new project opens. The current working folder is the location of the new project, which is a new subfolder of the extraction folder.

If you have a project archived in a zip file, double click or right click to extract the project. The current working folder, for example, C:\myNewProject, contains the imported project folders. If the zip project contains referenced projects, the project imports files into two subfolders, main and refs. The current working folder, for example, C:\myNewProject\main contains the project folders and C:\myNewProject\refs contains the referenced project folders. To open the project, navigate into main to locate and double-click the prj file.

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