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Reuse Model Components from Files

When working on a large model, you can separate it into multiple files so that team members can develop different model components at the same time. You can reuse these components multiple times in a model and in other models.

Model and library files provide a single source for multiple instances of the same model component. You can reference a model to execute it as an independent unit within the parent model. You can also add linked blocks to your model that derive their contents from the source block in a library. To learn when you should use each of these componentization methods, see Component-Based Modeling Guidelines.

Model ex_modeling_component_reuse uses two linked blocks to represent identical mechanical subsystems.

When you navigate into a linked block, you see a read-only view of its contents.

Each of these linked blocks derives its content from a single block in library file ex_modeling_library.slx. To edit the contents, you must either disable the link to the source block or edit the contents directly in the source library.

In addition to using blocks linked to a library file, model ex_modeling_component_reuse references model file ex_modeling_controller.slx. Controller code is often deployed on embedded systems, so having a standalone controller model is useful.

An embedded processor might not support default properties for the controller. Since a controller model might be used to generate code for an embedded processor, these constraints apply to the referenced controller model and the interface with its parent model:

  • Fixed Signal Attributes — To require that buses at model interfaces share the same signal attributes, bus objects specify signal attributes at the three sets of input and output ports.

  • Discrete Sample Time — To specify a discrete sample time, model ex_modeling_controller specifies a discrete execution domain and script ex_modeling_data_controller.m specifies discrete PID controller values.

  • Fixed Data Type — To apply the single-precision data type required by the embedded processor, Data Type Conversion blocks convert the bus element data types before they reach the model interface.

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