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Unreal Engine Scenario Applications

Build and interact with virtual reality scenes

The Simulink® 3D Animation™ toolbox provides functionality to build, visualize, and interact with virtual reality scenes and perform agent-based modeling by using the Unreal Engine® viewer.

  • Access advanced features available in the Unreal Engine, such as collision detection, and the PhysX physics engine, and set lighting and atmospheric conditions through the MATLAB® and Simulink interfaces of the Simulink 3D Animation toolbox.

  • Algorithmically build virtual worlds using 3D assets, in different supported file formats, such as VRML, X3D, FBX, STL, DAE Collada, URDF, and SDF.

  • Use the MATLAB API to control and access all objects in the virtual scene and set visual, spatial, and other properties. You can also use this API to control other functionality, such as navigation behavior, collision events, and the video output of a camera or depth sensor attached to the object.

  • Create or delete objects as you work and independently control object instances.

Empty scene showing coordinate system and the sun


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copyCopy all properties from another actor
propagatePropagate value of selected property to actor and its children
gatherReturn values of selected property from all objects in selected branch
findByFind all actors that match specified criteria
restoreSnapshotRestore actor to state of properties saved in specified snapshot
takeSnapshotTake snapshot of selected properties
createMeshCreate new mesh with specified values
addMeshAdd mesh on top of current mesh
loadLoad or import 3D file
saveSave actor and children to a MAT file
createShapeCreate geometry for basic primitives
addAdd actor to virtual reality world
runRun cosimulation in virtual reality world
createViewportCreate viewport for world
removeRemove actor added to world or remove all actors in world
readReturn image captured with camera


sim3d.ActorObject used to define actors in the Unreal Engine viewer
sim3d.WorldObject used to define virtual reality world in Unreal Engine viewer
sim3d.sensors.IdealCameraCapture an image and make it available in MATLAB
sim3d.sensors.MainCameraDefine perspective in Unreal executable window


Simulation 3D ActorDefine actors in Unreal Engine viewer
Simulation 3D Actor Transform GetGet actor translation, rotation, scale
Simulation 3D Actor Transform SetSet actor translation, rotation, scale
Simulation 3D Camera GetCamera image
Simulation 3D Scene ConfigurationScene configuration for 3D simulation environment


Empty sceneEmpty environment