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Saturation on Integer Overflow Coverage

Simulate this model to collect and report Saturate on integer overflow coverage.

Enabling Saturation on integer overflow

To enable the coverage metric Saturation on integer overflow:

Click on the Modeling tab in the toolstrip. Click on Model Settings.

On the left pane, click on Coverage. Ensure that Enable coverage analysis is checked.

Expand the Other metrics drop down list. Check the box next to Saturation on integer overflow.

What Saturation on integer overflow does

The coverage tool identifies all the blocks that have the Saturation on integer overflow parameter enabled. After simulating the model, the tool reports the number of times each block saturates on integer overflow.

In this example, the test harness supplies the Test Unit with an input to reach full coverage on one of the Sum blocks in the Controller subsystem.

The other two Sum blocks in the Controller subsystem do not generate true cases because they do not reach their saturation thresholds.

When to use Saturation on integer overflow

Saturation on integer overflow coverage helps to identify missing tests for blocks and blocks that do not need the saturation on integer overflow parameter enabled, optimizing design efficiency.

For more information, see Saturate on Integer Overflow Coverage.