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What Is an Experiment?

To estimate unknown parameter values of a Simulink® model, first create an experiment. An experiment specifies measured input and output data. During estimation, the experiment input data is used to simulate the model and the model output is compared with the measured experiment output data. For more information about creating experiments and importing data, see Specify Estimation Data.

In an experiment, you can specify initial-state values. To do so, specify the model initial states for each experiment. You can optionally specify an initial guess for the initial state values for any experiment. For more information, see Specify Known Initial States.

To estimate a model parameter on a per-experiment basis, specify the model parameter for each experiment. You can specify the initial values and limits for the parameter value for any of the experiments. Alternatively, you can specify a parameter value as a known quantity, not to be estimated. For more information, see Specify Parameters for Estimation. You can choose to update experiments with estimated model initial states and parameter values, or save the results in a new experiment. For more information, see Specify Estimation Options.

To use experiments for validating the estimated parameter values, see Validate Estimation Results.

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