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Run tests on third-party ASAM® XIL compliant test benches

The ASAM XIL standard defines communication between test automation tools and test benches. Install and use the Simulink® Test™ Support Package for ASAM XIL Standard to enable using Simulink Test to control an ASAM XIL compliant test bench.


sltest.xil.framework.FrameworkInitialize test bench, start and stop simulation, and display test bench, variable, and task (Since R2022a)
sltest.xil.framework.FrameworkConfigurationConfigure test bench ports and variable mapping (Since R2022a)
sltest.xil.framework.TestVariableRead and write variable mapped to test bench (Since R2022a)
sltest.xil.framework.StimulationControl external input to test bench (Since R2022a)
sltest.xil.framework.AcquisitionControl signal data logging on test bench and retrieve logged data (Since R2022a)