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Interpret Test Results

View and analyze test results and test failures

After you run your tests, you can view and interpret your test results to see whether a test passed or failed. The results are shown in the Test Manager. Investigate detailed results using data visualization tools, including difference plots and tolerance plots in the Test Manager and the Simulation Data Inspector. You can update baseline data from the plots. Viewing the results of a failed test helps you determine how to debug that test.


View Test Case Results

View the results of a test case in the Test Manager.

Compare Model Output to Baseline Data

Test simulation output against a baseline.

Examine Test Failures and Modify Baselines

Examine signals in test failures and update baselines with current data.

Process Test Results with Custom Scripts

Create scripts that post-process results using toolbox functions and the MATLAB® Unit Test framework.

Filter Test Execution and Results

Tag tests for selective test execution and results filtering.

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