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Drop all frame variables from the KinematicsSolver object


clearFrameVariables(ks) drops all frame variables from the KinematicsSolver object ks. Frame variables capture the transforms between any two given frames. Use this object function if none of the frame variables are any longer relevant—for example, before formulating a new kinematic problem for the same multibody model using other frame variables.

Frame and joint variables comprise the whole of kinematic variables in a KinematicsSolver object. They can function as targets to constrain the multibody configuration for which to solve the unknowns, as guesses to bias the solution toward one of equally plausible alternatives when several exist, and as outputs—the unknowns in the analysis.

Input Arguments

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Kinematics solver object, specified as a KinematicsSolver object that is the representation of the Simscape™ Multibody™ model used for kinematic analysis.

Example: ks = simscape.multibody.KinematicsSolver("DoublePendulumExample​'​')

Version History

Introduced in R2019a