Connect signals attached to LEDs on hardware board

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The LED block indicates the status of a signal. The hardware logic signals connected to an LED block are equivalent to the signals connected to the Light Emitting Diodes (LED) on the hardware board.


Intel® hardware boards operate with active low signals. When you select an Intel hardware board, the LED block accepts active low inputs and it represents the port names prefixed with letter "n". For example, nLED1.



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Input signal from the hardware logic. There is a port for each LED, named LED1 to LEDx, where x is Number of LEDs.

Data Types: Boolean


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This parameter is read-only. To choose a hardware board and configure board parameters, see Hardware Implementation Pane.

To view a diagram of the location of the LEDs on the selected hardware board, click the View LEDs location button.

To specify the required number of LED ports, select a value from the Number of LEDs list. n represents the number of available LEDs on the specified hardware board.

For example, if you select 4 from the list, the block shows four LED ports.

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