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Triangle Generator

Generate symmetrical triangle waveform at regular intervals


Simscape / Electrical / Specialized Power Systems / Sources / Signal Generator Sources

  • Triangle Generator block


The Triangle Generator block generates a symmetrical triangle waveform, with peak amplitude of +/−1. The figure shows how the Frequency and Phase block parameters affect the output waveform.


Frequency (Hz)

Specify the frequency of the triangle waveform, in hertz. Default is 1e3.

Phase (degrees)

Specify the delay of the triangle waveform, in degrees. When the phase is set to 0, the waveform starts with an amplitude of -1 and a positive slope. Default is 90.

Sample time

Specify the sample time of the block, in seconds. Set to 0 to implement a continuous block. Default is 0.


Sample TimeSpecified in the Sample Time parameter
Continuous if Sample Time = 0
Scalar ExpansionNo
Zero-Crossing DetectionNo


The power_SignalGenerators example shows various uses of the Triangle Generator block.

Version History

Introduced in R2013a