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Generate implicit event when data changes value



change(data_name) generates an implicit local event when the chart sets the value of the variable data_name. If more than one data object has the same name, use dot notation to specify the name of the data object. For more information, see Identify Data by Using Dot Notation.

chg(data_name) is an alternative way to execute change(data_name).


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Define an implicit local event when a state or transition action writes a value to the variable Engine.rpm.


Stateflow chart that uses the implicit event change.


  • The change operator is supported only in Stateflow® charts in Simulink® models.

  • The change operator only works with data at the chart level or lower in the chart hierarchy. To determine when the value of machine-parented data changes, use change detection operators. For more information, see Detect Changes in Data and Expression Values.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a