Truth Tables

Represent combinational logic for decision-making applications

Truth table functions implement combinatorial logic design in a concise, tabular format. Include a truth table inside a Stateflow® chart or add a Truth Table block directly to your Simulink® model.


Truth TableRepresent logical decision-making behavior with conditions, decisions, and actions


Use Truth Tables to Model Combinatorial Logic

Express combinatorial logic in tabular form.

Program a Truth Table

Define the logical behavior of a truth table.

View Generated Content for Stateflow Truth Tables

Truth table logic is implemented as flow charts and MATLAB® functions.

Debug Errors in a Truth Table

Use breakpoints to debug truth tables.

Correct Overspecified and Underspecified Truth Tables

Run diagnostic checks to detect errors in truth table specification.

Map Fault Conditions to Actions by Using Truth Tables

Use truth tables to map fault conditions to their consequent actions.

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