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SD Card Logging

Use the SD card logging to log signals to SD card mounted on C2000™ hardware.

Enable MAT-file logging on SD card

Enables the MAT-file logging for SD card.

SPI module

Select the desired interface on which the SD card is connected to hardware board.

C2000 hardware boards allow SD card to be interfaced through SPI. The SPI module will run in Controller mode. For the SPI module, Clock polarity will be automatically set to Falling_edge, Clock phase value will be automatically set to No_delay and Data bits will be automatically set to 8. It is advisable not to use the SPI module selected for SD card to perform any other operations through SPI controller write, SPI transmit and SPI receive blocks as these may create issues in data logging on SD card.


For the selected SPI module, ensure that:

  • Select the appropriate GPIO pins for Peripheral in controller out pin assignment, Peripheral out controller in pin assignment, CLK pin assignment and Chip select (provided by SPI module) pin assignment in the corresponding SPI_x pane.

  • GPIO pins are not used with other peripherals or as input/output because these pins are not included in the existing conflict check.

SPI baud rate

Select the desired option for the SPI interface used by the SD card.

The default is Maximum achievable supported by the inserted SD Card.

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