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Setting Up PX4 Tool Chain Windows Subsystem for Linux


This section explains the task to be completed as part of the step—Set Up the PX4 Toolchain on Windows Subsystem for Linux—of the Hardware Setup process (using the Hardware Setup screens). Do not perform this as a standalone task.


This section explains the PX4® Toolchain process for WSL2 for PX4 Firmware v1.14. This is not applicable for older (for example, v1.12.3 or v1.10.2) or any other PX4 Firmware versions.

UAV Toolbox Support Package for PX4 Autopilots requires installation of a development environment. This development environment is used to build firmware for all the Pixhawk® Series flight controller boards.

Download PX4 Firmware v1.14

Download PX4 Firmware v1.14 as mentioned in Downloading PX4 Source Code in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2).

Set up PX4 Toolchain on WSL2

After you have downloaded PX4 Firmware v1.14, follow the below commands to install the PX4 Toolchain on WSL2.


Ensure that your PC is connected to an active internet connection before proceeding with the next step.

    • Launch WSL2 shell.

  1. Go to the PX4 Firmware v1.14 directory that you downloaded.

  2. Navigate to the folder containing the Toolchain setup script.

    cd Tools/setup

  3. Run the Toolchain setup script.

    bash ./

  4. Enter the sudo credentials when prompted, to start the PX4 toolchain setup process.

    The build script installs different third-party utilities like GCC 9.3.1, CMake 3.x, Ninja 1.6, Git™, and certain Python packages.

  5. Reboot the host computer after the script runs successfully.