How to create scatter3 with jet colormap

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I have a data with X, Y, Z coordinates and I would like to apply coloring in scatter3 (from blue to red for my Z attribute - which represent height above sea level). I am trying to do scatter3 with "Jet" color map, but I do not know how to assign "Jet" color scale to my Z attribute. I achieved an error, that my G attribute is not specified. I will be grateful for some suggestion how to specify my G attribute. My code is below.
xlabel('X Coordinate');
ylabel('Y Coordinate');
zlabel('Height above sea level');

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 8 Nov 2013
Edited: Sean de Wolski on 8 Nov 2013
%Some data
[xx, yy] = meshgrid(1:100);
zz = cos(xx).*sin(yy).^2;
% Scatter3, size 5, color based on zz
% colomap and bar
scatter3 (or scatter) takes in an argument C that allows you to color based on this input. For your case this is likely Z. What you're doing right now is passing in the colormap values which is unnecessary because the colormap is a property of the figure not the scatter plot.
doc scatter
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Karolina on 12 Nov 2013
Thank you for the answer for my question! Below I attached final commands, if somebody would like to use it:
load('test_matlab.csv'); %colorize by Z coordinate X=test_matlab(:,1); Y=test_matlab(:,2); Z=test_matlab(:,3); C=Z scatter3(X(:),Y(:),Z(:),5,C(:),'.'); colormap(jet); colorbar; xlabel('X Coordinate'); ylabel('Y Coordinate'); zlabel('Height above sea level');

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