how to filter data in matlab like in excel

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I have a variable 'data' with 2 columns, time (1-24) and energy consumption. I have a whole year of data. If I only wanted to look at the consumption at 10 pm, how could I filter out the energy consumption data points at 10pm?
Thanks for your help
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L K il 11 Set 2016
Hi, i have a same problem, can you please tell me how to give the data(2 columns in excel file having phase and amplitude) to filter, i want the output of filter to be plot of phase and amplitude. pls help

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Laurent il 26 Nov 2013
You can use indexing. For example:
data(:,1)==22 selects only the rows in which the first column contains the value 22 (for 10 pm) and ',2' selects only the energy consumption values, which are then stored in the variable 'tenpm'. If you also want to keep the first column, you can change to:
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Atique Malik
Atique Malik il 4 Mar 2020
This is very good. How can this be extended so that the data that meets this condition is removed from teh original data?
Nagarajan G
Nagarajan G il 17 Mag 2020
i am getting error .acually i have a design sheet that i want to filter only DS2211 card i have used below comment.but its not working
kindly help me anybody if knows

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