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Error using ==> textscan Error

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Mick il 29 Nov 2013
Commentato: Simon il 29 Nov 2013
I keep receiving the following error: Error using ==> textscan First input cannot be empty with the following code:
function ceaContent = read_textfile(chrPath)
% initialize return-values
ceaContent = {};
%open textfile
fid = fopen(chrPath);
Direc = dir(chrPath);
ceaContent = textscan(fid, '%s', 'Delimiter', '\n', 'whitespace', '', 'bufsize', max(Direc.bytes, 4095));
ceaContent = ceaContent{0};
ceaContent = ceaContent(~ismember(strtrim(ceaContent), ''));
catch %#ok<CTCH>
try fclose(fid); end %#ok<TRYNC>
Thanks for the help!

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Simon il 29 Nov 2013
What is "fid"? Is it empty ...?
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Mick il 29 Nov 2013
Modificato: Mick il 29 Nov 2013
It is a file directory(path) and...isn't supposed to be empty
Simon il 29 Nov 2013
Are you sure, did you check that? The error message you reported looks like fid is empty.

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