Sum absolute values in an array from .csv file

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My array contains a string in the first row
how can I sum the array from the 2nd row to the Nth/1442th row (as in my example) disregarding the negative signs present in the column?
for example, my code for an array called data2 is:
S = sum(data2(2,15):data2(1442,15));
so sum all of the elements from row 2 to row 1442 in column 15. This doesn't work but it also does not have anything to deal with the absolute value of whatever row its checking
data is from an excel file as .csv:

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sixwwwwww il 3 Dic 2013
did you try
S = sum(abs(data2(2,15):data2(1442,15)));
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sixwwwwww il 3 Dic 2013
Nice work dear. Good luck!

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