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Averaging brightness/fluorescent intensity in columns (y axis)

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Hello, I'm trying to find the average brightness of the columns (y direction) of an image and have these for each column along the x direction. Then I'd like to plot this in some sort of graph.
I've gotten some good information through this forum:
grayImage = rgb2gray(Image);
meanGrayLevels = mean(grayImage(:));
I'm a little confused about how to set up the indices for the mean. And how do I set this in a loop to continue along the x direction of the image until the end of the image? Any help here would be much appreciated.
Thanks! Jane

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sixwwwwww il 4 Dic 2013
Modificato: sixwwwwww il 4 Dic 2013
just use
meanAlongEachColumn = mean(grayImage)
it will create an array of mean values. Each value in this row vector will be of each column. Is it what you need?
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 4 Dic 2013
When you do (:) , that basically takes a multidimensional array and turns it into a 1D vector . So when you did that, the columns were "lost" and it just took the mean of all the pixels in the image, not column-by-column like mean() will do if you pass it a 2D array (instead of the 1D array like you passed it).

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