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Fuel Cell to Battery

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Matteo Guindani
Matteo Guindani il 12 Dic 2013
Risposto: Juan Sagarduy il 15 Apr 2021
Hello Everyone,
I' m using Simulink for my Master Degree Thesis. And I have to connect the output of a Fuel Cell ( I used the one in the Simulink library) to a Battery, but with a Voltage Step Up. Can please someone help me? I cannot find components whose connections fit what I need to do.
Many thanks in andvance for your Help.
Best regards,

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 15 Apr 2021
Hello Mateo
Many years have gone but this type of system is more actual than ever. Please see the link below:
This is smoothly modelled in Simscape nowadays.
Regards Juan


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