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Save data from a loop with a negative variable

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Hey guys :) I have a little question, how can i save data from a loop with a variable evolving between -5 to 5 for example, because when I try to save data by using variable_stored, it says that i have to use positive integer or logical...
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The Matlab Spot
The Matlab Spot il 13 Dic 2013
Correct me if i am wrong
if a = [-5:1:5];
You are not able to save a in a mat file?

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Simon il 13 Dic 2013
Make a table like
tt = -5:5;
Access your variable with index -3 like
PS: you should not double-post your questions.
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Simon il 13 Dic 2013
What are x and b? Are these start and end of interval (-5 and 5)?
t = length(p);
y = 0;
z = 0;
N = t-1;
e = N:-1:0;
tt = x:b;
y = zeros(numel(tt), 1);
for C = (x:b);
for n = 1:N+1
y(tt==C) = y(tt==C) + p(n) * C^e(n);
Don't mix n (number of coefficients) with n (loop counter)! And see my order of the loops.
Patrick Allaglo
Patrick Allaglo il 13 Dic 2013
Yes x and b are start and end of interval.

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