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Cell 2 3d matrix

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Michal il 13 Dic 2013
Commentato: Michal il 13 Dic 2013
Hej, I have a cell [1x25] of [256x256 int16] I would like to convert cell into a 3d matrix [256x256x25] (create a stack) but if i using cell2mat I obtain a [256x6400] matrix. Could anyone halp me?

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Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) il 13 Dic 2013
Use CAT and comma-separated list expansion:
sz = [2 3] ; % arbitray size
C = {rand(sz), ones(sz), zeros(sz)} % example of your cell data (all elements the same size!)
M = cat(3,C{:}) % concatenate in the 3rd dimension

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Simon il 13 Dic 2013
If C is your cell, try
cat(3, C{:})


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