Excel automation and Matlab automation server

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Alain on 8 Jul 2011
I did a simple excel macro which runs matlab functions sucessfully in a machine with Matlab installed.
Now I want to run it in a computer without matlab, with "MATLAB Compiler Run Time" installed. I can add the Matlb automation server type file (mlapp.tlb) sucessfully, but when I try to run it, I get this error: "ActiveX component can't create object"
In this line: Set matlab = New MLApp.MLApp
Do you know what is missing?

Accepted Answer

Friedrich on 8 Jul 2011
You can’t use the MCR as MATLAB Automation Server! This wouldn't make any sense since one wouldn't need to buy MATLAB any more!
Using MATLAB Automation Server requires an installed ML on the system. Maybe consider using MATLAB Builder for EX:

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