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Green's Function Solution in Matlab

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yusuf il 4 Feb 2014
I wrote a code for stationary temperature distribution which is;
f = 0.09;
b = 0.0044;
q = 3.73e-9;
L = 1;
Tw = 250;
Tam = 27;
syms c x g
T = 2*c*cosh(x*((f-b*g)/q)^0.5)+g/(f-b*q);
c = solve(subs(T,'x',L/2)==0,c);
z = simplify(int(subs(T,'c',c),x,-L/2,L/2));
g = solve(z==L*(Tw-Tam),g)
Now I try to use perturbation method and find T1 temperature distribution. My equation is;
And my prof. say that can be solved by Green's function G(x,y), where the G(x,y) is soluton of;
G(L/2)=0 , G(-L/2)=0
if I can find the G(x,y), I will get the solution of T1.
Can anyone help me please?
Thank you for everything

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Ted Shultz
Ted Shultz il 16 Ott 2019
The person who asked this question has some (slow) sample code that will solve Green's function.

Sousheel reddy Lachagari
Sousheel reddy Lachagari il 4 Apr 2022
clear all
syms x y
N = input('the value of N = ');
M = input('M=')
x1=input('limit of x');
x2=input(' x u');
y1=input('limit of y');
y2=input('limit of y up');
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 4 Apr 2022
Please add comments explaining how this implements Green's function.

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