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How to generate S-Function using legacy tool box for a Function having multiple function calls in it

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I am working on S-Function and I am still a beginner.
For a simple adder function I was able to generate S-function block and simulate it using Legacy tool box.
But When i started working on complex function , like a function having call to another function I started facing problems/errors when I compiled the c functions, like :
" c:\users\xyz\appdata\local\temp\mex_zg~1\function_name.obj .text: undefined reference to '_Function_call_1' "
where function_name is file name Function_call_1 : is a called function
and similar error was for all the function calls present inside the function.
Can you please guide me , where I am going wrong ? Is there any reference for these types of code , on how to generate S-Function ?

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 18 Apr 2014
Did you include the source/library file that contains the definition to '_Function_call_1' in the 'SourceFiles' or 'HostLibFiles' fields of the legacy code tool data structure?

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