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How can I define a custom BlockType in Simulink

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When I create a custom block using an S-function, the BlockType of this block, by using
get_param(myblock, 'BlockType')
is displayed as S-Function .
If now I put a mask on my custom block, the block type will be displayed as Reference .
How can I get this to return something like Mycustomblocktype ?
Thank you,
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Jacques il 23 Feb 2014
Actually, even with a mask, the block type is displayed as S-function. However, if I export the variable to a c program, it will then be displayed as Reference. Why is this ??
Daniel il 3 Lug 2014
I have the same problem. How can i change BlockType which is always marked as readonly? Currently the BlockType inherit from previous block like subsystem, s-function etc. I need my own types and using an additional attribute is more a hack than a solution for this problem.

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Jacques il 23 Feb 2014
In fact, Reference was displayed because the library from which the block was taken was not on the path. It had nothing to do with the mask.

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind il 10 Lug 2014
The BlockType parameter cannot be customized, and is only defined by internal blocks. For your case, perhaps you could use MaskType instead?


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