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MATLAB Changes Resolution after Startup

Asked by Isaac
on 6 Mar 2014
Latest activity Answered by Dominic
on 6 Jun 2014
So I just started experiencing this problem.
About 15 seconds after startup, MATLAB decides to increase the resolution (which makes it look like everything is zoomed out and smaller). How can I get it to stop doing this and/or change the resolution? I like the way it was at the lower resolution.


After a few more occurrences of this problem, I'm noticing that a right-click triggers the change.
What version of MATLAB, and what OS are you running? Are you starting just MATLAB, or also Simulink?
2013b and Windows 8.1. Just MATLAB.

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2 Answers

Answer by Plastic Soul on 7 Apr 2014

Does anyone have an answer to this?
I have the same problem. Win 8.1, matlab 2013b 64bit.
When ever I right-click while I am in .m editor, it changes resolution of only matlab (zoom out). It only happens if the script is saved! Not while I right-click in the New Script (unsaved).


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Answer by Dominic
on 6 Jun 2014

Same problem here.
I am running Matlab 2014a 64 bit on a Win 8.1 notebook. I do like the higher resolution when working only on the notebook but if I am plugged in to external monitors the resolution change, triggered by a right click leads to a very bad and blurry Matlab window.


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