Matlab (GA or PSO) M-file for sizing & siting of distributed generation or distributed energy storage

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Can anyone please help me with m-file code for distributed generation or distributed energy storage

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Rik on 14 Mar 2022
Edited: Rik on 14 Mar 2022
The code requested in this question was originally posted in a blog at
According to Walter, the post was subsequently moved to If it moves again at some point: here is an archived page.
This blog post contains a link to this YouTube video.
Requests for the complete code should be posted in the comments of that blog. It appears that is the way the original author prefered to disseminate their work.

Muhammad Raza
Muhammad Raza on 14 Jul 2022
For nearly two decades, utility companies have continuously struggled to capture what is referred to as “distributed generation” as an alternative to generating electric power for their consumers. Distributed generator means smaller and additional local sources of electric power, such as distributed generation solar and wind turbines.
Read complete article along with simulation tutorial, take a look at below article.
Muhammad Raza
Muhammad Raza on 14 Jul 2022
Yeah, previously they were blogspot and now, its professional domain. If you still want to make it a spam.
I will add relevant matlab code and add the same link for the researcher to read more about the project.

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