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Include Simulink model Image when publishing an mfile

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I Have an mfile where i read data from a simulink model and i plot them. I want to publish the results in html, but i also want the simulink model to be displayed (as an image), not just the plots. How should i do it? The mfile is as follows:
%% The results of the simulation of the above model
I can of course take a snapshot and use a command to display it, but I want a more elegant way.

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Philipp Maier
Philipp Maier il 12 Giu 2014
The MATLAB print command provides the option for printing Simulink models. For an overview of how to do this in Simulink, refer to Print and Export Models.
Since you are planning to do this from a script, take a look at print from the MATLAB Command Line.
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Philipp Maier
Philipp Maier il 12 Giu 2014
If you are looking for a more professional HTML view of your Simulink, I recommend looking at the WebView functionality of the Simulink Report Generator .
Lazaros Moysis
Lazaros Moysis il 12 Giu 2014
Thanks a lot for all these useful information!

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 12 Giu 2014
You can use open_system to open the system. Then publish will handle it automagically:
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Neil Foxman
Neil Foxman il 13 Nov 2018
I was still having trouble with this and I learned that you need to first close the Simulink model before you can publish it.
Then open_system() should work fine.
The answer was buried in one of ihavenoclue's comments here:

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