How can I replace ksdensity for c++ generation with the Matlab Coder ?

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Hello everyone,
I am working on a c++ project and someone gave me a Matlab code so I try to use the Matlab Coder. The problem is that the ksdensity function is not supported, so I would like to know if I can replace this function with something else...

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind il 16 Giu 2014
I don't know of a MATLAB function equivalent that is supported for code-generation, but if you are able to find a C implementation of the function, you can use the following construct in your MATLAB code to have the generated code call into the C-library:
% Executing in MATLAB, call function ksdensity
[f,xi] = ksdensity(x);
% Executing in the generated code.
% Call the C function as per the signature.
coder.ceval('c_ksdensity', coder.ref(x), coder.ref(f), coder.ref(xi));

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DN il 10 Set 2014
Hi Jean,
How did you get on with this? It's still not supported, right? but have you managed to get a C version of this code to do what Kaustubha recommended?
best dian
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Jeanne il 12 Set 2014
Hi Dian,
I wrote my own C version and used it with Kaustubha's code. There is a similar function in the MLPack library, but I couldn't make it work with Windows 7 (64).
DN il 5 Ott 2014
Hi Jeanne,
I see, I don't know MLPack but it looks like a C++ library, right? Can you perhaps let me know what file to look for and where in the MLPack website can I find it? Apologies for asking you the name/path. Furthermore I wouldn't know where to start but I gather it (MLPack file) guided you allot to write your C version?
best wishes dian

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