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How can I generate a ccs project base on the **.out file which comes from matlab2013a/simulink and ccs4 ?

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I have successfully use matlab2013a/simulnk generate a ccs4 (F28335) .out file,and the .out file can successfully download to the dsp board.
But I want to creat a project about CCS base on the .outfile, so that I could add some code that I wanted.
I couldn’t find the references about this....

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind il 17 Giu 2014
Project generation with Simulink is not supported for CCSv4/5, this is only possible with older versions of CCS. You need to use the XMakefile workflow for CCSv4/5. See the note on the documentation page Using Makefiles with Code Composer Studio 4/5:
"Note: The Embedded Coder® IDE Project Generator feature is not available for CCSv4/5 in the current release. For more information about IDE Project Generator, see IDE Projects"

Zhang il 18 Giu 2014
Modificato: Walter Roberson il 25 Gen 2016
Thanks for your help , I'll see the note after a while.
The simulink model could be translated the dsp's C code is helpful for the programmer.
If the programmer could modify or add some other code in the Project, it will be more powerful.
U means that I can generate a project with the help of "xmakefile" & "IDE project" in CCS4/5 ? or not
Looking forward to your reply.

Zhang il 18 Giu 2014
Modificato: Walter Roberson il 25 Gen 2016
Hello,I have successfully import the files( .c and .h generated by simulink/ccs4/5 ) into a project (build a new project by yourself ),at the same time ,we need copy some other .c and .h files that in the matlab toolbox,
Last the new project generated .out file ,and can download to the DSP.
This is some pictures during building the project:

Zhang il 18 Giu 2014

Zhang il 18 Giu 2014

hui Evy
hui Evy il 19 Giu 2014
Modificato: Walter Roberson il 25 Gen 2016
can not understanding how do you do it?
generation the project succeeful at the end ?how ?

Zhang il 19 Giu 2014
In the document folder(generated by simulink and CCS),exist some .c .h and .asm, just like the picture of the third answer. U need build a new ccs project , then take the .c .asm into the SRC, take the .h into the INCLUDE, at the same time ,U need take the necessary .c and .h that exist in the matlab files just like the piceure of the 4th and 5th answer into the SRC and INCLUDE . the SRC and INCLUDE are built by yourself in the CCS project,then what U need do is just detection of error when compile the project。 懂了么?
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xinbang tu
xinbang tu il 29 Lug 2016
zhao yang
zhao yang il 24 Mar 2017

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John Gau
John Gau il 25 Gen 2016


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