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I have installed dSPACE 6.5 version in 2009a MATLAB. I found warning message as Real time workshop is not installed or not licensed. Anybody can tell please which tool box is responsible for connection betweeen SIMULINK and dSPACE

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Which tool box of MATLAB(2009b) is responsible for integration between dSPACE 6.5 version(DS1103) and MATLAB SIMULINK.

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind il 18 Giu 2014
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Akshaya Pati
Akshaya Pati il 18 Giu 2014
Thanks for answer In this link it not clear about tool boxes, We want to purchase licensed version of MATLAB for dSPACE application.There are many tool boxes in library. From this link I think these three tool boxes may be essential for dSPACE application, is any other tool require.

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