Help needed :Optimization using Matlab...Pls help me

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Hello Good People
I am new to optimization using Matlab...But I have to use it in a technical paper. Hence to begin I first want to start from simple to complex.
Can someone kindly help me with solving simple optimization problems using matlab? I need to first understand simple problems like minimizing and/or maximizing area of rectangle, volumes etc. You can use your own example problems. I just need the solutions and ideas.
I just need to see how this can be done in Matlab... using some famous algorithm like particle swarm , genetic algorithm, ant colony etc for such a simple problem might sound dump but am a complete novice to those methods... Hence if someone can help by using any of those above method to give me an insight it would be a most appreciated.
Also if someone can use Matlab optimization tool ... I would love to learn that too.
I am looking forward to your respond.

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 19 Jun 2014
Edited: A Jenkins on 19 Jun 2014
Have you tried working through the tutorial?
Or watching the webinar and downloading the sample code?

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