How can I convert many .m files in a single file.exe?

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Hello!! I have a multiGUIs program with a lot of .m files and .fig files. How can I convert them in a single file.exe?

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Ben11 on 15 Jul 2014
When you deploy them with MCR you will be asked to include any .m file/.fig file that you want to include in your executable so it should not be a problem :) Be sure to have a version of MCR that fits with your version of Matlab.

Giuseppe on 15 Jul 2014
What is MCR? Excuse me but i don't know matlab very well
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Ben11 on 15 Jul 2014
No problem!
In order to deploy a standalone application you need to have the Matlab Compiler, which costs money and you can get here. This compiles your code and allows you to make executable files (.exe for PC, .app for Mac, etc) that can be opened by other people who do not have Matlab using the Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR). When using the Compiler (I used MCR in my answer above sorry that's actually the Compiler) you will be asked to provide all the files/functions/.fig that are required by your application.

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