how can I display several 2D images as a 3D volume?

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I have several 2d data. imagine the data in x,z corrdinates. the best plot for me is using imagesc command to plot the 2D image. now I want to plot theese sections parallel to each other with constant distance between and in y direction in 3D volume. Could you help me for that?

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Ben11 on 29 Jul 2014
Do you mean like playing a movie/scrolling through your images? If so I would do the following:
1) Build a simple GUI in which there is an axes and a slider (and anything you like)
2) Load all your 2D images into cells, forming a cell array of size (1 x NumberImages) for example.
ImageCell = cell(1,NumberImages);
for k = 1:NumberImages
ImageCell{k} = imread(Name of your files);
3) Display your images in the axes using imagesc and scroll through them with the slider or play a movie with a play/stop pushbutton for instance.
Hope that helps get you started. If you need clarifications please ask!
Ben11 on 30 Jul 2014
Would this submission from the file exchange solve your problem?

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