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issue installing Matlab on ubuntu lxqt server

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Robin Simons
Robin Simons il 20 Ago 2021
Risposto: Gyan Vaibhav il 29 Feb 2024
Dear Sir/Madam
We are having issues installing Matlab 2021a on an Ubuntu Server 20.04 with an LXQT desktop running in AWS EC2, accessed using NoMachine remote desktop and were wondering if there are known issues with this. During install/activation, we are unable to type in the username box or click the next button. I believe the issue is for all versions since 2019b, after which the GUI for installation was changed.
Best Wishes
Robin Simons

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Gyan Vaibhav
Gyan Vaibhav il 29 Feb 2024
I don't think there are/were any such known issues for the installation. However, if you still want to install R2021a and are not able to input username in the username box, you can try the silent install.
Please look into the following article to learn more about it:


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