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Code Pane in Simulink Window post-Codegen

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Jason Muller
Jason Muller il 20 Ago 2021
Commentato: Jason Muller il 24 Ago 2021
I have a Simulink model that is set up to build executable binaries for running an external target. After recently upgrading from MATLAB 2016a to 2020b, every time I build, a new pane appears to the right of the Simulink window. This new pane is labeled "Code" and shows the auto-generated C-code.
Can anyone help figure out how to disable this pane from appearing? The pane takes a LONG time to populate; I can't use Simulink while it's populating; and it doesn't even begin appearing until after the codegen process has completed fully (aka after the cross-compilation is finished, after the target executable is made, and after the Simulink window returns to showing "Ready" at the bottom).
See image:

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Rishik Ramena
Rishik Ramena il 24 Ago 2021
That code pane is a part of the Embedded Coder app. You can hide it by clicking the small cross icon on the top right of the pane. Although it does not affect the performance of Simulink or MATLAB, the unusability of Simulink during the code generation is the intended behaviour of the App.
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Jason Muller
Jason Muller il 24 Ago 2021
Thank you Rishik, I appreciate you taking the time to respond, however my question is how to prevent this pane from appearing in the first place? Closing the pane with the cross icon makes it go away, but it comes right back the next time a build is initiated. Can it be prevented from appearing by changing some setting?

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