Creating depth specific contours from bathymetry data

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The bathymetric data are available through NetCDF, Data GeoTiff and ESRI ASCII raster formats:
What is the best format Matlab can handle? How could I use them to generate contours at a specific depth, say 200 meters?
My ultimate goal is to create land/sea masks so that I can turn data on land to NaNs. Such masks would require the the lon lat pairs to be in a closed loop, i.e., the starting lon lat pair needs to be identical to the ending lon lat pair. Depending on the locations, multiple such loops would needed, e.g., one island would need to have its own lon lat loop.
It is my first time to process bathymetric data, and any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks!

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KSSV il 24 Ago 2021
You can save the file in the .nc format. MATLAB has functions like ncdisp to view the conntents of nc file and ncread to load the variables. Once you have lon, lat, depth into workspace; you can use contour to get your depth related contours,
If X, Y, Z is your data.
h = contour(X,Y,Z,[200 200]) ; % you need to mention levels in contour
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Adi Purwandana
Adi Purwandana il 5 Mar 2023
Anyway, is it possible to extract specific contour so that can speed up the running process... I felt its to big to involve all levels contour.

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