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How do I save changes to an edf file that was generated from EyeLink?

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How do I save an edf file that was generated from EyeLink (that I have made a minor modification to) as an edf file? I have an edf file generated from EyeLink. I made one change to one of the values in a field, and want to save the edf file with this one change intact and want everything else about the structure of the file to remain the same. However, I can't find a way to save the file as an edf file with everything in place. I can save it as a .mat file but have not been able to save it as an edf file. Thank you for your help
Trials= edfImport('C:\Users\Lab\Desktop\M\Experiment\Unprocessed Subject Data\025\025_ED.edf', [1 1 1], '');
for i=1:104
if find(~any(~isnan(Trials(i),:))))==1 %this tells you to find rows that have all NaNs
Trials(i),:) = NaN; %fills the B column tally with NaN
Trials(i),:)= 256*sqrt(((Trials(i),:))/3.14159))
save('025_ED_C','-struct','Trials')%this does not work. it saves it as a .mat file and I would like it to be saved as an edf file

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Gargi Patil
Gargi Patil il 30 Ago 2021
The save command by default saves a given file as a MAT-file. MathWorks provides support to work with EDF/EDF+ Files through various functions. These are listed on the following documentation page under the "Functions" category "Datastores and Data Import":
The EDF file can be directly modified using the command edfwrite.
You can also refer to the linked file exchange which contains the function "SaveEDF" to save a file as an EDF File.


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