Call contents of one pushbutton to be used as content for another push button

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Dear all,
I tried to import a text file via a pushbutton in app designer and it works.Now I want to use let's say 1st column of that file into another push button ?
I tried to use it like this but its not recognizing.Attaching the sample part code here.How to link the contents of pushbutton 1 to another ?
Thank you for your help in advance
% Button pushed function: Importfile
function ImportfilePushed(app, event)
[file,path] = uigetfile('*.txt');
T = load(file);
t1 = T(:,1); t2 = T(:,2);
disp (t1)
% Button pushed function: UNIFORMButton
function UNIFORMButtonPushed(app, event)
%columns from the text file
Ramesh Bala
Ramesh Bala on 27 Aug 2021
Dear Thomas,
Now I could figure it out the issue .As you said I didnt put in properties and didnt made it global.
Kindly post your answer in the answer this question section- so I can accept it.

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