How can I make a JK Flip-Flop with clear and preset?

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I wish to design a jk flip flop with preset and clear in Simulink Matlab. I have trying a few designs... but all of them show faulty waveforms....
In matlab simulink library, Is there no flip flop with preset and clear? Should I design it?
And I make it...? Please help me....I search that for 10 hours, but there is not information about that...

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stozaki il 9 Set 2021
J-K Flip Flop is included in Simulink Extras.
You can use it.
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예림 오
예림 오 il 9 Set 2021
I know that...but it isnt include preset, and clear.... I want to know about it.
stozaki il 9 Set 2021
I think the preset terminals are generally asynchronous, is that correct?
Asynchronous simulation is not possible in Simulink, so I don't think it has that terminal.

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