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Fixed point to floating-point conversion with Fixed-Point Tool

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Dear Sir/Madam!
I am struggling with fixed point to floating-point conversion using Fixed Point Tool. The original output data types of my Simulink blocks are fixdt and I would like to convert each block's output data type to a floating-point data type. Now, it seems like the FPT is only optimizing the details of the blocks and they stay the same data type, even if I am using 'Iterative Fixed-Point Conversion'. Unfortunately, I have not found any tutorials for this problem, so is there any way to solve this problem with FPT, or should I use a different method for this?
Thank you in advance for your help.

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stozaki il 9 Set 2021
The Fixed-point tool is used to convert from floating point to fixed point. Therefore, you do not need to use the Fixed-point tool when converting from fixed point to floating point.




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