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Azzera filtri

Coger los ultimos 4 digitos de cada fila de un string y hacer un string nuevo

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la linea de cada string es de esta forma:
y se tendria que coger los ultimos 4 digitos y hacer un string nuevo.
Muchas gracias

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Vaibhav il 17 Apr 2024
Modificato: Vaibhav il 17 Apr 2024
Hi flashpode
I understand that you want to extract the last four digits from each line (string) and create a new string using these extracted digits. You can achieve this by using a for loop to extract the last four digits from each line. Here is a code snippet to help you get started:
% Given strings
strings = {
% Initialize an empty string to store the extracted digits
newString = '';
% Extract the last 4 digits from each line
for i = 1:length(strings)
line = strings{i};
last4Digits = line(end-3:end);
newString = [newString, last4Digits];
% Display the new string
disp(['New string with last 4 digits: ', newString]);
New string with last 4 digits: 0000000000000000000000008ioj;P0000010001
Each line is treated as an individual string. If dataset is a single string with lines separated by newlines, you can create an array of strings by splitting on newlines.
Hope this helps!

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