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how to develope loop to save the 'n' elements from the vectors

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A= [14,51,2,15,........,7 ] % this is known
%%% i need to use p1,p2,p3, in another equation. so i dont know to to save this elements from A. how to use loop to that it automatically get saved for n elements

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Matt J
Matt J il 15 Set 2021
It is not a good idea to store A(i) in separate variables. You should probably just write your equation in terms of vector operations on A, which you already have.
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gourav pandey
gourav pandey il 15 Set 2021
Hii Matt, thank you
i fully agree with you. actually, i am a beginner, so no idea how to use.
if my function is in this way
fun= p1*r^2+p2*ln(r)+p3*cos(theta)/r+p4*sin(theta)/r+(pn*r^(-n+2))*cos(n*theta)
then how to do that?
Matt J
Matt J il 15 Set 2021

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Awais Saeed
Awais Saeed il 15 Set 2021
Although it is not prefered to name variables in a loop but if you striclty want to do this in loops than you can use eval(). Note that using this method is NOT RECOMMENDED. It has been said many times in this forum and by MATLAB itself.
A= [14,51,2,15,7]
A = 1×5
14 51 2 15 7
for col = 1:1:size(A,2)
p1 = 14
p2 = 51
p3 = 2
p4 = 15
p5 = 7
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Stephen23 il 15 Set 2021
Modificato: Stephen23 il 15 Set 2021
Note that this is slower and more complex than simply using the vector directly.

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